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FINAL FINISH I protects your car's entire exterior finish.

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FINAL FINISH II is the best for your leather & vinyl.

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FINAL FINISH III protects carpets and fabric.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How is FINAL FINISH different from the other paint protection packages that dealers sell on new cars?

We absolutely guarantee 10 years of paint protection on a new car with no further application required. Car dealers prepare every car to make them look their absolute best in the showroom. To do this they will use either standard waxes or various types of paint sealants to give the car a high gloss shine. Dealers also sell a "premium" paint sealant at the time of closing at anywhere from $299 to $999. Even with these other "premium" paint protectants, the car only looks great for about a month and then the waxes and sealants wear off. The fine print in most paint protectant warranties require maintenance or encourage the use of products designed to "rejuvenate" finish that has lost its luster since the original application. The FINAL FINISH warranty expressly states not to do anything other than wash your car; waxes and polishes should not, and need not be used after the initial application of FINAL FINISH.

Can I use FINAL FINISH on my plastic, chrome, and glass surfaces of my vehicle?

FINAL FINISH is safe to use on ALL of the hard surfaces of your vehicle. FINAL FINISH works very well on chrome surfaces, making brake dust removal on wheels easier than on untreated surfaces. FINAL FINISH can be used on all glass surfaces and will cause water to bead and run off. Once on your windshield it will act as an invisible windshield wiper.

How long will FINAL FINISH protect my used car?

There's not a definitive answer for this question. The variables are too great (new paint vs. old paint, environmental factors, oxidation level etc.). FINAL FINISH can last a very long time on a used car when the paint is in good condition as long as any oxidation is first removed and the vehicle is washed on a regular basis. The FINAL FINISH warranty will cover a used vehicle 2 years back from the current model year for three years. Once FINAL FINISH is applied, further damage by UV rays and other factors will be dramatically reduced and the car will be preserved in it's current state much longer than with any other product available.

How long will FINAL FINISH protect my new car?

FINAL FINISH is guaranteed to last at least 10 years on new cars. FINAL FINISH will keep the UV rays and other environmental factors from destroying your paint. You need to just wash your car on a regular basis to remove any dirt and pollution from the surface.

Why don't waxes and polishes work as well as FINAL FINISH?

The heat from the sun (solar convection) melts the wax that lays on painted surfaces. Because waxes are hard and viscous, they plate over the surface and do not penetrate into the pores. Waxes have very little resistance to detergents and are easily washed off with each wash. When left out in the sun, the exposed surfaces quickly heat up. The wax melts and, while in a molten state, dust, industrial fallout, exhaust fumes and any other pollutants floating in the air and water are absorbed into the molten wax. Consequently the surface looks dirtier, needs to be washed more frequently, and as a result of the deterioration of the wax, the surface is exposed to the destructive elements that degrade the appearance of the finish.

The best known waxes (carnauba) widely used over beeswax are no match for the degradation of the natural elements and man-made pollutants. Waxes must be constantly applied to maintain a good protection.

Why don't silicones based products work as well as FINAL FINISH?

Silicones were first introduced in a liquid polish for autos, planes and boats in the mid 1950's. They were easy to apply, had a greater depth of shine and endured many times longer than waxes. However, silicone based products have significant drawbacks as well. Silicones penetrate into the pores of paint and eventually into the metal of the vehicle's body

As the silicones penetrate or drift further into the painted surfaces, they leave the surface exposed to elements just as waxes do when they melt or are washed off with a detergent. Depending upon the season, waxes will endure in the summer months for about 5 to 8 weeks whereas silicone will hold the protection for approximately 6 to 12 months, depending upon the quality of the silicone based product.

Does FINAL FINISH's warranty only cover cars and trucks?

Not at all. FINAL FINISH's 10 year warranty now covers new boats and motorcycles as well. Contact us for more details.

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